who we are?

Mpire is a branding & marketing agency that creates the next generation of digital brands and experiences. Mpire was founded in Sweden 2017 with a belief that we will help other brands / Companies to create unique experiences and give them the value they need which by lift their brand positioning.

We are a new thinking agency with a special passion for brand development. We value our strengths in being modern in our way of working while following international trends, our creativity that turn challenges to results and our persistence to exceed expectation.


Mpire | em-pahyuhr | a powerful and important enterprise or holding of large scope that is controlled by a single person, family, or group of associates.

The name `Mpire` is a shorted version of the word Empire, not mentioning our admiration for the empire state building in NYC which became a symbol for strength and power, at the same time it is a destination for tourists when they visit NYC, while in our case we want our eMpire to be a destination for those who seek help or business development / Boost.

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our journey

Mpire's first meeings at Brygghuset Mpire's fist office Mpire was registered in July Mpire won best TeamFilm contest
  • Started from one of Brygghuset’s free meetings rooms.

  • Mpire was registered in July.

  • Moved to the first office in September.

  • Won the best TeamFilm at Brygghuset’s contest.

Mpire got Viared Företagsförening as a partner Mpire got the great Peråke Ericson as a mentor Mpire was a sponsor for Borås Närlinglivsdagen
  • Moved to a slightly bigger office.

  • Started working with our partner Viared företags förening.

  • Got the great Peråke Ericson as a mentor.

  • Was a sponsor for Borås Närlinglivsdagen.

Mpire moved to the current office
  • Mpire registered as AB.

  • Worked with bigger projects (In and outside Sweden).

  • Moved to the current office.

  • Released a new website and rebranded Mpire.

Mpire won Din Bästa Sida best digital Ad prize Mpire won Din Bästa Sida best digital Ad prize Mpire got new members joined our squad as interns Mpire Owners AbdulRahman Sai and Mohammad Selwaye
  • Won Din Bästa Sida best digital Ad prize for 2019 with our client District Zero.

  • Two New members joined our squad as Interns, Marina and Gustav.

  • Covid19 took over the scene.

  • Nominated for Svenska Designpriset 2020 award.


din bästa sida award winning for best digital ad 2019

nominated for Svenska Designpriset 2020 award

filmteam award in brygghuset kreaktörer 2017

who we are?

Mohammad Selwaye
moe selwaye

CEO/art director

selwaye@mpire.eu +46 (0) 73 999 04 55

branding & marketing
fottball - real madrid
Movies & Tv Series
Music - Rock & Roll
Pizza & Sea food

Abdul Rahman Sai
abbe sai

web developer

sai@mpire.eu +46 (0) 762 777 590

coding & networks
games: call of duty
movies: intersteller
music: hans zimmer
food: fettuccine alfredo

Lisa Dahlén
lisa dahlén

business developer

lisa@mpire.eu +46 (0) 738 776 898

branding & copywriting
illustrator & adobe XD
tabletop gaming
tea & fika
TV series & popcorn

Yahia Kandeel
yahia kandeel

DevOps consultant

kandeel@mpire.eu +46 (0) 738 776 898


Louise Thomsson
louise thomsson

web developer

louise@mpire.eu +46 (0) 733 357 534

webdeveloper and copywriting
produce music and karate
series and movies
indiepop and jazz
i eat everything

Marina Hanna
marina hanna

graphic designer

marina@mpire.eu +46 (0) 762 657 892

illustrator & branding
playing guitar
reading books
training at the gym
TV series & popcorn

Perake Ericson
perake ericson

business consultant

info@mpire.eu +46 (0) 738 776 898

sailing boat
meeting People
reading books

Mazen Bdewi
Mazen Bdewi

full stack developer

bdewi@mpire.eu +46 (0) 738 776 898


Burhan Otour
burhan otour

software engineer

outour@mpire.eu +46 (0) 738 776 898

call of duty
training at the gym